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State of India - Mizoram
QUICK FACTS Climate (Degree C.): Summer - Max: 29, Min: 18, Winter - Max: 24, Min: 11 | Best Season: October - May | Languages Spoken:Mizo, English, Hindi | Capital:Aizawl

With its galaxy of festivals and dances, natural beauty and ancient traditions Mizoram is a kaleidoscopic 'pleasure trove' for the discerning visitor. Resting coyly in remote northeastern corner of India, the land of Mizoram is entirely bewitching and breathtaking with outstanding combinations of bluish mountains, placid lakes and green clad valleys. This is where gurgling brooks crisscross the dense jungles and steep hills and plunge down to deep gorges giving birth to spectacular waterfalls.

Geography of Mizoram:
Mizoram has the most variegated hilly terrain in the eastern part of India. The hills are steep which are separated by rivers which flow between them creating deep gorges. Mizoram is the southernmost state of North East India, sharing borders with Manipur, Assam, Tripura then jutting out between Myanmar and Bangladesh.

History of Mizoram:
The origin of the Mizos, like many other tribes in the North Eastern India is still a mystery. The generally accepted as part of a great Mongoloid wave of migration from China and later moved out to India. It is possible that the Mizos came from Shinlung or Chhinlungsan located on the banks of the river Yalung in China. They first settled in the Shan State and moved on to Kabaw Valley to Khampat and then to the Chin Hills in the middle of the 16th century. Mizos who first migrated to India were known as Kukis, second were called New Kukis. The Lushais were the last of the Mizo tribes migrate to India.

Tourist Places of Mizoram:
The mostly visited tourist places in Mizoram include Phawngpui, the Blue Mountain is the highest peak in the state attracting large number of trekkers and adventurers; Tadmil - 85 kms away from Aizawl, is a tranquil lake; Vantawng Falls - is a picturesque waterfall; Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary - home to swamp deer, tiger, leopard, elephant and hoolock gibbon; Buddha's Image near Mualchang village and the capital city of Mizoram i.e. Aizawl which is a secluded hill station. The Tropic of Cancer runs through the heart of the city.

Fairs & Festivals of Mizoram:
Mim Kut or Maize Festivals is usually celebrated during the month of August and September, after the harvest of Maize. Mim kut is celebrated with great fanfare by drinking rice-beer, singing, dancing and feasting. Chaphar Kut is another festival celebrated during March after completion of their most arduous task of Jhum operation i.e., Jungle-clearing. This is a spring festival celebrated with great fervour and gaiety. Pawl Kut is harvest Festival-celebrated during December the harvests are over. It is perhaps the greatest festival. Thalfavang Kut is celebrated in the month of November when the process of weeding of the field is complete. Christmas is one of the most important festivals of Mizoram.

Cuisine in Mizoram:
Most of the people in Mizoram prefer non-vegetarian delicacies. Vegetarian food is also preferred by the people here but they prefer to add some non-vegetarian ingredients to each and every dish they prepare. Rice and fish are the staple food of the state. The most commonly used medium of cooking is mustard oil.The delicious dishes are served on fresh green banana leaves. The usual meal is less spicy and plain in taste, retaining the nutritive value of the food. Some of the special dishes include Bai eaten with rice made from boiling spinach with pork and bamboo shoot. Sawchair made of rice cooked with pork or chicken is also a tasty dish. Smoked Pork or Vawksa Rep made by adding chunks of pork smoked in an open fire, further to enhance the flavour Bamboo shoots and a local herb called "Anthur" are added. Arsa Buhchiar or Chicken with sticky rice - a whole chicken is flash roasted in an open fire and then cooked with sticky rice and local herbs into a wholesome and tasty porridge,

Shopping in Mizoram:
Land of a number of craftsmen and skilled artisans, the state of Mizoram excels in various crafts. Bamboo and Cane related crafts are a major source of income to the state. The main shopping area of the city is Bara Bazaar that offers unique souvenirs of the state. Ritz Market, Burma Lane, Bazaar Bungkawn, Thakthing Bazaar, New market, State Govt. Emporium and Solomon cave are also good places for shopping in Mizoram. Some of the good buys include handloom shawls & fabrics, cane products, bags and bamboo handicrafts. But the best buy among them is the Mizo Hat made with bamboo and leaves. It can be also taken home as a souvenir. It looks as if the hat is woven out of fine bamboo as fine as cotton yarn.

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