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State of India - Kerala
QUICK FACTS Climate (Degree C.): Summer Max: 36. Min: 32. Winter Max: 28 Min: 18 | Best Season: November - April | Languages Spoken: Malyalam, Tamil, Hindi and English | Capital: Trivandrum

How much green can you behold with just two eyes? Every inch of land in God's own country reflects this eye soothing colour. Kerala gives you many reasons to be called a paradise. The name 'Keralam' or 'Kerala' comes from the Malayalam words 'Keram' meaning Coconut Palm and 'Alam' meaning Land or Place. Keralam is therefore 'The Land of Coconut Palm'. Unending coconut plantations carpet the landscape from the foot of the hills to the shoreline, the tapering coconut leaves swaying in the cool whiffs of welcome. Crave for Sun & Sand! Come and embrace the golden sands of its immaculate beaches, pep up your spirits under the tropical sun and feel the pulse of its coastal life.

Geography of Kerala:
Kerala is located at the south-west corner of India. It shares its borders with Tamil Nadu to the east and Karnataka to northeast, Arabian Sea to the west and the Indian Ocean to its south. This coastal state of Kerala has hot and humid climate during April - May and pleasant climate during October - January. Summer is followed by South West Monsoon that starts pouring in the month of June and continues till September.

History of Kerala:
There is very little known about the ancient period of Kerala history. This is because there is hardly any written record left from the time nor is there enough evidence to prove them. There are a number of myths about the creation of Kerala and its early periods. One such myth is the creation of Kerala by Parasurama, a warrior sage, one of the avathars of MahaVishnu, stood on a lofty cliff and ordered the violent sea to recede by throwing his warrior axe in the sea. The sea obeyed his commands and the land that egressed of the sea waters came to be known as Kerala.

Tourist Places of Kerala:
Let yourselves cast away amidst the serene environs of a backwater islet of Kumarakom or Alleppey. Take a houseboat cruise on a country boat with palm fringed land on either side and experience the many faces of the backwater life of Kerala. Treat your body and soul to 'Ayurveda' in Kovalam. The cultural mosaic of Cochin is studded with landmark monuments, palaces, forts, memorials, and places of worship portraying the socio-cultural and historical evolution of the land with indelible marks left by travellers from far-flung lands. The wilder side of Periyar and Munnar has in store some of the best wildlife sanctuaries and national parks which contribute variety of plant and animal life unique to Kerala.

Fairs and Festivals of Kerala:
Kerala has some distinctive festivals of its own which attracts spectators not only from India but also all over the world. While on a holiday trip to Kerala, you might get a chance to witness the Great Snake Boat Races. The 50 m long wooden 'chandanvallams' or snake boats, each powered by over 100 oarsmen, attract the star attention as they slice through the waters - revived by songs and war cries - cheered by thousands of spectators lining the banks. Oman is the national festival of Kerala. The other festivals which are celebrated with great enthusiasm include Thrissur Pooram, Thiruvathira Festival, Easter, Vishu, Aranmula Uthrittathi etc.

Cuisine in Kerala:
While on your tour to Kerala, you can enhance your gastronomy skills and savour some of the ethnic dishes of Kerala. A traditional Kerala meal is served on plantain leaf. The food is generally spicy with generous use of coconut, spices and tamarind which gives it the tongue twisting taste. Rice being the staple food of Kerala is present in most of the meals of Kerala. Be it Breakfast, lunch or dinner, directly or indirectly, you will always have some rice on your Keralite plate. Being a coastal region, Kerala has some of the most savouring sea food dishes in India.

Shopping in Kerala:
Kerala is very famous for gold and every road in Kerala's major cities will have a huge jewellery shop. Kerala is also well-known for its ivory carvings, pottery, brocade fabrics and earthenware products. Famous Indian spices like turmeric, pepper, ginger powder and other exotic spices are also available here. Kerala is famous for its local crafts and you will find a traditional touch in each and every craft item in Kerala.