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State of India - Haryana
QUICK FACTS Climate (Degree C.): Summer Max: 45. Min: 35. Winter Max: 20 Min: 7 | Best Season: October to March | Languages Spoken: Haryanavi, Punjabi, Hindi and English | Capital: Chandigarh

The agricultural state of India, Haryana is probably the only state is the world where your wealth is determined by the number of cows each family has! Though not a typical tourist destination of India, Haryana has its own understated charm that appeals to the tourists. With its green and abundant fields, the open heartedness of the locals, rustic villages, colourful festivals and a number of modern and resorts coming up in the state, it is sure to make a perfect and unusual choice of holiday destination in India.

Geography of Haryana:
Embraced by Punjab and Himachal Pradesh in the north and Rajasthan to the west and south, the state of Haryana is sliced by the blue waters of Yamuna in the eastern border to Uttaranchal & Uttar Pradesh. Haryana also surrounds the national capital Delhi on northern, western and southern sides making it a very favorably located state.

History of Haryana:
Haryana the cradle of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization has been witness to some of the most significant historical events of India. It is believed that Bhagwad Gita, the famous Indian epic, was spoken in this state, the foremost Aryan manuscript was composed here, Lord Brahma, the Hindu god of creation, is said to have propitiated the elements, to create the universe in this state itself. Haryana is also the land of the Mahabharata. It was in Haryana that the Pandavas and Kauravas clashed in the epic battle of Kurukshetra. It is also the land that battled the invading Afghan forces for over three centuries.

Tourist Places of Haryana:
Haryana is the perfect blend of the modern and the traditional. Chandigarh the capital of Haryana is the most planned city of India, with a number of attractions, galleries, garden, lakes etc. Gurgaon is another important city which is emerging as a major IT (information technology) hub. On the other hand you have small towns like Faridabad, Panipat, Karnal and Panchkula. Apart from that you also get to witness the lifestyle and simplicity of it's the villagers with mud houses and basic living, practicing their day to day agricultural activities with pride and hard work.

Fairs and Festivals of Haryana:
Fairs and festivals form an important part of Haryana which add to its beauty and charisma. Surajkund Crafts Mela is the most popular fair, which is celebrated once in the month of February and once during November / December. It is an annual event that highlights some of the finest handloom and handicraft traditions and skills of the India. Other widely celebrated fairs and festivals include: Teej Festival (March), Holi (March), Baisakhi Festival - Pinjore (April), Mango Mela - Pinjore (June-July), Crafts Mela - Karnal (March / October), Haryana Tourism Day (September), World Tourism Day (September), Haryana Day (November), Pinjore Heritage Festival (October), Geeta Jayanti Samaroh (November/December) etc.

Cuisine in Haryana:
Simplicity is the key word when it boils down to eating and drinking for the Harayanavis, essentially living in rural areas. In Haryana, the accent is on food that is wholesome, fresh and prepared with little or no fuss at all. Food always evolves out of a certain cultural context. Here the meal essentially consists of loaves made from flour (bajra, wheat or gram) with meat and vegetables sitting side by side. The food is generally accompanied with lassi (made from curd).

Shopping in Haryana:
Pottery is one of the main occupations of Haryana after agriculture and hence you can find the locals selling this craft. Haryana is quite famous for its woven work, be it shawls, dhurries, robes or lungis. Phulkari and Chope with its exquisite embroidery are on of the most famous piece of clothing in Haryana and are generally worn by women with the traditional ghaghra (long skirt) and choli (blouse) during the winters. For shopping visit to Surajkund Crafts Mela is a must. The government emporium also provides good quality products at reasonable prices. Gurgaon has recently developed into a modern city with number of posh shopping malls and departmental stores, coming up in the city.